you may bury me alive deep in the earth that I couldn’t hear the sobs and sorrow of my friends

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Methexis celebrates in spring in summer Methexis rattles in autumn in winter.

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Oh, State! I am sick admiring your ruins / shoving sunflowers wishes

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I the protector of a pandemic Eros when Aphrodite is bored in Heaven

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Live Performance


A voyeur woman organizes or observes sexual orgies in search of sensitivity and anticipation of pleasure. The domination of the erotic scene, the materialistic illusions of the Western world, the dizzying irritated men, corrupted girls, bodies that sacrifice, are delivered with innocence in the triumph of Dionysian fantasy.

Four Contemporary Poets from Greece

PAID RAPE Spoken Word Poetry: Sissy Doutsiou

invited by Versopolis - European Poetry Festival of Hope

  • C.P. Cavafy Professorship

  • Neo-Hellene Poets

  • PEN International

  • The Poetics


  • Book Press

  • USA Book Tour

  • India Kolkata

  • 1st Athens Biennial

Life Sentence

Released by The Institute for Experimental Arts – Records

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Paid Rape

the Institute for Experimental Arts Records

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Now or Never

Cosmic Leaf Records

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DJ Sissy Stardust


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