Performance, Show & Party on lust, creation and resistance in 1920s Berlin and today's Visions of a danceable Life. 

Acting: Sissy Doutsiou, Amy Daublebsky

Visuals: Tasos Sagris

Directed by Wolfgang Sterneck

Fr. 29.11.2019 KitKat-Club - Berlin - Germany

A Different Kiss is the very special event of the 'Nights - Stadt Nach Acht' conference on the 1920s. It describes creation, lust and resistance in Berlin / Weimar Republic and remixes the roaring twenties with today's visions of a free danceable life. In an experimental way, performance and lecture elements flow into a vibrant multimedia show. The focus is on Berlin and the socio-cultural developments of the time, with a special perspective on the nightlife and erotic aspects. The evening is designed by Wolfgang Sterneck, who performs together with Amy Daublebsky and Sissy Doutsiou (Athens). 

The event will be held at the KitKat-Club, one of the world's most iconic and groundbreaking clubs. From the nineties to the present, the club stands for sex-positive and open minded electro parties that still leads the way. 

Nights - Stadt Nach Acht 2019 International Nightlife Conference - Berlin