Dying like a Country by D. Dimitriadis

The play "DYING LIKE A COUNTRY" by Dimitris Dimitriadis from the + Institute [Experimental Arts], directed by Tasos Sagris, is a careful and thorough record of the total collapse of a society. After "a thousand years" of constant inequality, exploitation, economic crisis and war interrupted by short breaks of false abundance and artificial peace, the meaning of human coexistence and social life collapses forever. The conflict between the dominant forces of conservation and the desperate efforts to rejuvenate society is reaching its limit. Then women lose their ability to have children, life loses its power to reproduce. This has the direct effect of transforming the social fabric to such an extent that the "Country" collapses with a wave of destruction and mass murder that shakes the foundations of history. Every institution is destroyed by the people of the country, everything suddenly becomes unknown and threatening, life becomes a death trap. Some years later, and when everything has changed and there is nothing left of life as we knew it, four heroines of different ages (present, past and future) tell us the story of the end of a society, the end of a "Country" ", The scary ending of an era that may be our time…

"(…) Anyone who has not seen people die pounded by an invisible hand in the streets can not understand what it means and what is the death of a country.But also to face the total death of a society is equivalent to exhausting the whole life. But the life of the day λες All these sacrifices and works and the golden light of the day. Because behind the light of day lies the life of the night… The dark desires and illegal plans, the acts against the regime and everything that is taken for granted, the destructive power of the disruption of the social contexts, the cries of rage and madness . No one can understand the end of a society if he does not first understand the History of its night… The country, apart from the enemy troops and the conflicting economic interests, is surrounded by the intangible but resilient grid of horrific disorders of its inhabitants. Now, all of them have seen with their own eyes the rotten marrow in the bones of their earth. The marrow of the Country rotted… .I hate this Country…. He ate my guts. I do not want to be a Country. I am no longer human. Neither are you human anymore.She took it all from us όμως But what will be left of her when there is nothing left of us? My body has taken on its dimensions. I have her fate in me. I am dying like a country… ”

Direction: Tassos Sagris Starring: Sissy Doutsiou, Sofia Stavrakaki, Alkistis Polychroni, Danae Nikolaidi Multi Media: Void Optical Art Laboratory Venus Melena | A.Kafetzi | M. Gounelas Sound Environments: G. Kouvaras Music excerpts: Mogwai, Sigur Ross, Slowdive, God Speed You Black Emperor