First the hopes collapsed, then the community was lost, in the end the people collapsed. A very young girl every night late in the night feels the unbearable need to commit suicide. Millions of people are currently stranded in the war zone between their daily lives and their true desires. As all human needs and desires become marketable, people become commodities and numerical units. The logic of numbers produces tragic stories of destruction, mental illness and misery with the consistent operation of a machine. Girls and boys without a future were caught in the web of a certain logic that was woven around them like a deadly trap. Nothing could save them from this unbearable agony and frustration that they feel is rooted in their hearts. Our life passed quickly and we did not manage to experience anything! In this inhuman human world some live, some survive and some are lost. This is a sign of danger from those who are lost.

The play "Psychosis" is a psychological thriller based on the text 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane. A young girl, excluded from life in her apartment, struggles with her traumatic memories and unfulfilled desires. In addition to the social environment, here he seems to be guilty of his condition and the person himself, who surrendered to the illusions, the impossible aspirations and the demands of a world that was set around him as a trap.The struggle to escape from the existential collapse and the war zone into which everyday life has turned, the struggle to defend love and the last human dignity, the hopeless cry against everything that has closed us in a vicious circle without escape to escape are the issues core of this show.

Tasos Sagris's dark poetic look at life in modern metropolises is met with the sound of Biomass endless psychic pressure, the fragmentary memories from the soundtrack of JoyDivision, the Cure and the melancholy of Lana Del Rey, and the Vacuum Network Visual Arts Workshop, the expressionist lighting of George Papandrikopoulos and the historiographical atmosphere of the Scottish collaborator of the director of the film Trainspotting Dany Boyle, set designer Kenny Mac Lellan

Directed by: TASOS SAGRIS 
Dimitris Galanakis, Andreas Paraschos, George Michalakos 
Music: BIOMASS + Lana Del Rey, The Cure, Joy Division 
Video Art: Alkisti Kafetzi, Void Optical Art Laboratory 
Scenes: Kenny Mac Lellan 
Lighting: George Papandrikopoulos