Introduction to the movie "Bad Guy" by Kim ki duk 
Endurance [performance] by George Kouvaras 

The elements of inclusion and restriction that exist in the film Bad Guy are the reason for setting up the audiovisual performance "Endurance". A "partially" stable image is imposed on a music sound design, trying to give enhanced meanings and symbolism in a state of psychological pressure. The erotic element of the film is removed and we are left with an act of multiplying the inner intensity in an attempt to search for the indifferent look! A space soprano performer and a Poker table! compose the backdrop.

Music composition, sound processing and performance composition: George Kouvaras 
Interpretation and vocals: Antonela Orefice 
Participating actors: Sissy Doutsiou, Alkistis Polychroni, Thodoris Skyftoulis

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation