Oh, State!                                                                                                                                                                    In your insides flourish the invincible commerce
and your evil spirited trees
which are surrounding your concentration camps.
You have been despising to kiss women’s naked voluptuous
freedom’s breasts - In your reckless haste
you have blinded all our town’s angels. 

Oh, State! Your frightened soldiers
leveled to the ground our ancient cities
with your war costumes crying sobbing voices
under the thick on the ground daisies.
Your infertile women unable to bear children, hid their underwear
in slaves’ barns. 

Oh, State! You have kept in isolation your sleepless annoying beggars
inside invisible, to our eyes, towns
you have been an art collector of veins of homeless Maries
a precious piece of art,
in your meat market the hanging slaughter animals
are scorning starvation. 

Have you forgotten your colonies?
Have you forgotten your prostitutes?
Have you forgotten your genetic poverty? 

Oh, State! You provoked wars of brothers killing brothers
called to arms young people who are craving for bloodshed
you have been worshiping nationalism’s statues and
you are the speaker for the devastating fire,
suppressor of our underground resistance 

of everlasting armed revolts and no word about History
no word about redemption
no word about the richness of the revolutionary battles. 

Oh, State! In your incompetence to cure the sick
under the cruelty of your bored skies and
of your brutal murders
your dead - are offering sweaty
hyacinths to your destiny,
to your absolute yesterday, to your desperate bodies.

Oh, State! Your cavalry burned out our blossom flowers
in our inlands
where people are pushing the Sun to the ground
in lands, where people sacrifice their innards
for a piece of dry bread. 

Oh, State! I am sick admiring your ruins
shoving sunflowers wishes
inside my ashes
inside my mothballs
inside my snakes. 

Look at your bullets
which are weighting on Sun’s shoulders
Earth heart’s watery eyes are trusting

But I have a dream that someday our fear shall be vanished into our blue sky clouds,
Warm chestnuts shall be shared with everyone. 

Oh! State! 

Long live catharsis! 

At last
princes shall kiss each other the blessed poor shall inherit the earth
lovers shall knock out of the way the warriors
homeless occupiers of empty buildings shall laugh
flooding to the farthest horizon
among wild animals
and blessed with happiness natives. 

At last,
upon our tyrants ashes,                                                                                                       

Our black freedom flags shall wave in the gentle breeze.

translated by Miltos Arvanitakis