I hope when I get very tired I won’t have to carry alone
my valuable body to hell
I the protector of a pandemic Eros
when Aphrodite is bored in Heaven
and caresses the hot squirted sperm I could imagine myself
like a domesticated animal
that they take care of me
they love me
they feed me
they pet me I wish to be of the opposite gender
a male
with liberated morale
with an admirable decency
a melancholy character
with unparalleled tenderness that I wouldn’t need to struggle
for anything blasphemy — the center of pleasure
allows ecstasy flow
unimpeded. Certainty
of pain was the only desire
the only proof that I’ve existed the seductive hermaphrodite
gifted with shining skin
since its twelve year
forgets every law and authority
joined into one being forever.
Samalkis who kissed him with zest
hugging him tight. 

Cursed let it be
the Sea of Karia, southwest of Asia Minor a very dirty female sucks up lust
from her wounded pride.
One multiplies his joys
when one shows respect
to perversions blasphemy

translated by Manolis Aligizakis