Destroy Athens - 1st Athens Biennial

Sissy Doutsiou as poet and spoken word artists from Void Network participated from 9 September to 18 November 2007 in the 1st Athens Biennial in Greece. The participation included a banner “The Earth is not dying. The Earth is being murdered and they that kill her have names and addresses”, the banner “Total Freedom” from this year’s Anti-G8 fight, flyers and posters, info-center with examples from our work in public spaces, two laptops with the blog, poetry and texts from the Void Network Laboratory for Kosmo-Political Consciousness as also a multi media installation of Void Art “A Day on Planet Earth”, a 6 hour looped film on 3 screens from Void Optical Art Laboratory and Global Eye. Void Network faced this participation with great skepticism but also as a chance to meet new spiritual friends and collaborators and to come in contact with thousands of people that have never heard about our work in the past 17 years. Void Network prepared also 3 situations in the public space, 2 lectures and a poetry night.