Acting Workshops

The Institute for Experimental Arts presents the ACTING WORKSHOPS The workshops are an invitation for participants to dive into the creation process with the Greek Actress Sissy Doutsiou in GOA. We will bring in exercises from our famous workshop which was developed by the Institute for Experimental Arts and performed in many countries around the world. They have become one of our most basic workshops in the 14 years since then, having been performed in cities, villages, and college campuses in the U.S., Europe, and India. The Acting Workshops designed exclusively by Sissy Doutsiou are 5 vary in the following thematic axes: 1. The Art of Acting 2. Body and Art of Acting 3. Ecstasy in the contemporary theatre 4. Eros and Sorrow in Drama 5. The path to the role 6.The metamorphosis in theatre 7. Theatre & Performance a retreat workshop Our classes are unlike all others, with a syllabus and supervision by Tasos Sagris (Greek Director) The learning and techniques you will gain from our course will last a lifetime You will completely see a change once you finish the course. It is more than an acting course. Lena Fortouni (Greece) It is a very prestigious institute which provides a very extensive and in depth course in acting. I seriously recommend every aspiring actor to be there. It is the best place to be. Ramesh Kumar (UK) A very amazing Institute. The course is fabulous. George (USA) All the participants got the change to learn more about ourselves, we explored new things inside us. We learn about new things in emotions and how to act. Mallika Lewis (UK) The course is a very good experience for you. It is a life workshop. It is really great as they gave us vast experience in the field. Helen Papa (Greece) You learn various techniques of acting. It gives you more confidence. Anuka Sen (India) If you want to arrange an Acting Workshop with Sissy Doutsiou or learn more about it you can email to the Institute for Experimental Arts: