Now or Never

Cosmic Leaf Records

NOW or NEVER by Side Liner

The 17th studio album of Side Liner, under 24bit 96khz high definition audio for your maximum listening pleasure. This time Side Liner explores deeper his psychedelic downtempo style with a lot of various trippy harmonies blended. A psychill bliss also includes influences through IDM, Ambient, and Acid Trance styles.

Photos by Filip Zrnzević

Cover by Cosmicleaf

Mastering by Cosmicleaf

All tracks were written & produced by Nick Miamis aka Side Liner, additional contributions on track:

[2] Original Guaava track by Mihail Glukhov aka Germind. Remixed by Side Liner.

[2] Choir Vocals by my daughter Danae Miami

[6] Vocals/Lyrics by Gillian Brown aka Arkanna

[7] Vocals/lyrics by Sissy Doutsiou

TRACK 7: Let this be the End

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