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a meeting of the new generation of poets dedicated to living spoken word culture

  • Date: 24/3/2024 07:11 PM - 24/3/2024 11:11 PM
  • Location Patra


The Institute of Experimental Arts with the support of the collective Void Network and the group Terrace Poetry present a meeting of the new generation of poets dedicated to living spoken word culture, a festival for new multi media forms of poetry presentation


Live Performance:

Sissy Doutsiou


Vasilis Ladas, Spyros Vrettos, Sine Lege, Aris Filippas, Maria Bousdeki

Tassos Sagris & Whodoes

Sotiris Lykourgiotis, Antonis Skiathas

Natassa Theodorakopoulou

Yannis Panoutsopoulos, Mare Galani

Christina Papanikola 

Introductory Video Poetry Show- Screening of selected video-poems from the new Greek scene:

Sotiris Lykourgiotis: "Reflections on the geometry of limbs" and "Hegelian Triads"

Maria Bousdeki: "30 people"Jasmine+ Piel Fluida: "To become me"

P.I.E.V. : "Thank you for being so good to me" (music: Tiger Lillies)

Poppi Delta: "I will wait for you Tositsa and Patision"- dir.: Kinimatini

Hlin Leifscdottir: "The harp of the vocal cords" - dir.: Alkistis Kafetzi

Tasos Sagris+Whodoes: "Our Prison"

The new generation of poets gives us the strength to live in the present and face our future. Having learned to survive without any support, the poets of our time have found ways to come to the fore by creating powerful mechanisms of mutual aid and cooperation that permeate their work and benefit readers. Based on friendship, they very often support each other and disseminate their works together to the public, in a spirit of reciprocity and spiritual love. They invent new ways of writing, presenting and experiencing poetry, they communicate and participate in international trends, they break forms, they value the past but do not submit to it, they fight for a future without inequalities, without racism, sexism, patriarchy and injustice – but they don't just wait for the future to come – they build it with their words and actions.

Organization:+Institute of Experimental Arts

with the support of: Void Network & Terrace Poetry