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The 7th The Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance will focus on work for the screen created by theatre artists during the Time of Corona.

  • Date: 1/3/2022 08:43 PM - 15/3/2022 08:44 PM
  • Location New York, NY, USA (Map)


The Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) is an annual event showcasing films drawn from the world of theatre and performance. The festival presents experimental, emerging, and established theatre artists and filmmakers from around the world to audiences and industry professionals. 

Sissy Doutsiou participates in the project 

Liminal Archive by Al Límite Collective

March 2020 Covid-19 broke into a pandemic, forcing the world into lockdown. In response to the crisis, AL Limite reached out to international artists to participate in a reflective, open source art project that evolved into Liminal Archive. It is a body of international collaborative work and co-created performances that are ongoing inspired by collected texts from artists around the world. The archive documents the emotional and political impact of this historic moment through a myriad of creative expressions.

You can watch it here:

Liminal Archive: Collected Digital Works

Liminal Archive began as an open-source platform, providing a cultural exchange where international artists could begin to collaborate together during a lockdown, political upheaval and mass uprisings.  It has collected more than 40 artworks, including music, digital art and theater.
In the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we reached out to artists across the globe to respond to three prompts:

-This is the End of…
-This is the Continuation of…
-This is the Beginning of…

We collected all of their writings and have begun releasing them to the public as sources of inspiration to generate new artistic pieces in any medium. You can find the documents on our website to create your own piece.

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Liminal Archive Contributing Artists: Cypress Atlas (New Orleans, NY), Leah Bachar (Brooklyn, NY), Arthur Ban (Bujumbura, Burundi), Soraya Broukhim (Queens, NY), Toney Brown (Brooklyn, USA), Katya Chizhayeva (Ukraine/New Orleans, USA), Caio D’aguilar (São Paulo, Brazil), Jessica Daugherty (Portland, USA), Sissy Doutsiou (Athens, Greece), Brad Hamers (Portland, USA), Monica Hunken (Brooklyn, USA), Athina Kolpondinou (Athens, Greece), Hideo Kushiyama (São Paulo, Brazil), Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li (Taiwan/Queens, USA), Shadow (Las Vegas, CA), Philip Santos Schaffer (Brooklyn, NY), Kulije-ku-Suzyika Nyimbili (Zambia/Vienna, Austria), Yuly Rojas Oyola (Bogota, Colombia), Ireri Romero (Mexico City, Mexico), Cris Saucedo (Tijuana, Mexico)

Al Límite Founding Members:

Cypress Atlas
Leah Bachar
Soraya Broukhim
Jessica Daugherty
Brad Hamers
Monica Dudárov Hunken
Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li
Philip Santos Schaffer

“Al Límite is a placeless, borderless award-winning collective of multi-disciplinary, multi-racial, international artists committed to building community resiliency through art and performance.
We devise performances, rituals and celebrations as acts of creative resistance in non-traditional public spaces and sites of injustice. We seek liberation through theater and the decolonization of the body in order to construct new work that centers the audience as active participants. We utilize our workshop intensives and community discussions in the process of investigation, as we figure out together how to create a theatrical offering that responds directly to the needs and desires of the impacted community.” – Al Límite

About Al Límite Collective

Al Límite Collective was founded in 2020 by nine core members, formerly of The Living Theatre, after years of creating collaboratively.  Under The Living, we began to develop our unique focus on cross-border exchange, most notably in Mexico, in the heart of the migrant crisis where our namesake (At The Limit) was born.
Al Límite Collective functions as a non-hierarchical structure, sharing artistic leadership, that strategically implements a fluid devising process inviting workshop participants to become active collaborators. This method of creation has allowed our performances to continuously evolve and transform, serving as a channel for dialogue and instantaneous connections that transcend language barriers and geographical borders.
Al Límite Collective has traveled across the world, from Latin America to the Middle East, from Europe to Asia, to collaborate with artists, community members, refugee and immigrant populations in workshop intensives to devise original performances centered on local social justice issues.

ELECTRIC AWAKENING, which premiered in São Paolo in 2017, marks the incubation for the creation of  Al Límite Collective. In 2019, the production was brought to Mexico as part of the AL LÍMITE TOUR, along with an experimental art festival in Tijuana addressing the injustices of the US immigration system.
As the world went into lockdown due to the pandemic, Al Límite Collective initiated a multi-media call and response art project, THE LIMINAL ARCHIVE, which welcomed individuals to contribute their creative responses to the tumultuous moment. In the summer of 2020, Al Límite Collective created a site-specific street performance, BROOKLYN IS NOT A SACRIFICE ZONE, to draw attention to the dangerous North Brooklyn fracked gas pipeline running through BIPOC and low income communities, inspired by dozens of interviews with impacted locals and performed directly in the construction sites along the pipeline route. The collective also began staging mobile performances on a four-person operated bicycle platform for spontaneous pop-up theater gliding by passersby for a moment to witness.
In November 2020, invited by White Box – Harlem, Al Límite Collective staged a live immersive reading of Camus’ REVOLT IN ASTURIAS as the response to the unsettling election of the United States. In March 2021, we staged Quiet Us/ Riot Us in the streets and on rooftops throughout Brooklyn as a meditation on grief. In June 2021 we received the Silver Award for The Hear Now Festival. July 2021 we performed a live in person version of Liminal Archive which received rave reviews at the New Ohio Theatre’s Ice Factory Festival.
As the world slowly moves forward from the trauma of the pandemic, Al Límite Collective continues to find ways to remember,  mourn,  heal, and collectively envision a new world.

About The Festival

The Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) is an annual event showcasing films drawn from the world of theatre and performance. The festival presents experimental, emerging, and established theatre artists and filmmakers from around the world to audiences and industry professionals. The 7th annual festival will focus on work for the screen created by theatre artists during the Time of Corona. The festival will be held digitally from March 1st – 15th 2022.

Explore projects created under Liminal Archive from March 1st to March 15th 2022 on the Segal Center Film Festival on Theatre and Performance (FTP) website.

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