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Sissy Doutsiou performs in Thailand in the Internationbal Poetry Festival organized by the Magic Theatre Poetry Reading and the Institute for Experimental Arts

  • Date: 29/4/2023 06:00 PM - 29/4/2023 09:00 PM
  • Location Free Bird Cafe | Chiang Mai | Thailand (Map)



The Institute for Experimental Arts (Europe-USA-Africa) is travelling to Thailand and teaming up with Magic Theatre Poetry Reading Group to throw an International Poetry Fest. The collective has previously thrown events in London, New York, Weimar, Athens, Calcutta, and Mexico City.


Saturday 29 April 2023


14 ถนนศิริมังมังคลาจารย์ Mueang Chiang Mai District, 50200

18.00-21:30 free entrance

International Poetry Festival is a meeting point for poets, video artists, and music producers from around the world. The festival will include video poetry screenings, a fantastic compilation of video art, animation, and experimental short films based on inspirational poems. In the second part of the event, poets from different countries will share the stage in spoken word live performances, including electronic music and visual art. Finally, the night will close with an open mic session inviting everyone to share their poetry.

VIDEO POETRY – Projections (English subtitles)

This unique program includes films directed by internationally acclaimed artists, based on Greek poetry, and produced by The Institute for Experimental Arts.

The City- Constantine P. Cavafy (Greece) Director: Mat Mullins (USA) 6’25’’

If I go out walking with my dead friends- Rita Mboumi Pappa (Greece) Directors: Aleksandra Corovic (Germany)- Alkistis Kafetzi (Greece) 5’22’’

The life we live is not Life itself- Tasos Sagris & Whodoes (Greece) Director: Ian Gibbins (Australia) 8’45’’

What I fear most is becoming a ‘poet’ – Katerina Gogou (Greece) Director: Janet Lees (UK) 6’10’’

If you want to be called Human- Tasos Leivaditis (Greece) Director: Marc Neys (Belgium) 5’18’’

Paid Rape - Sissy Doutsiou (Greece) – Director: Tasos Sagris (Greece) 3’.19’’

I will wait for you at Tositsa & Patision- Poppy Delta (Greece) – Director: Kinimatini (Greece) 3’15’’

Honorable screenings:

CHOO's GUESTHOUSE: Monday Night Poetry Directed by Andrew Meserth (USA- Thailand) 13’ (short film)

Vault of Heaven- music Whodoes – director Alkistis Kafetzi 4’22’’ (video clip)

PART TWO (English and Thai)

SPOKEN WORD Multi Media Live Concert

Swan Bay (India)

Richard Oyama (USA)

Ararat Tanarch (Thailand)

Tasos Sagris (Greece)

Sissy Doutsiou (Greece)

Rosalie Wilmot (USA)

Sandra Wright (USA)

Graham Marvin (Scotland)

Andrew Meserth (USA)

More poets TBA

+ OPEN MIC session

Organized by

Magic Theatre Poetry Reading Group

The Institute for Experimental Arts – free digital platform including 500 films