LSE London

Financial Consequences – International MultiMedia Poetry Festival

  • Date: 6/3/2021 07:09 PM
  • Location London School Of Economics, Windsor Avenue, New Malden, UK (Map)


“Financial Consequences – International MultiMedia Poetry Festival” challenges the perceptions of the economic crises and providing a new point of view via a wide variety of mediums. For the last 10 years, we see entrepreneurs, economists, bankers, technocrats and politicians to dominate the public opinion- now is the time for poets to explain to all of them the social impact of their decisions and their politics. The social awareness and sensitivity of poets – in collaboration with video artists and musicians- invited from countries crushed by the economic crises offer us the best possible view to invisible sites of social life, offer us the opportunity to understand and realize the Financial Consequences of economic crises in the everyday life of all of us and especially of people in suffer.

More Info about the festival:

“I’ve experienced the fun and excitement of the Festival first hand and I couldn’t be any more excited. While poets and intellectuals have stories and ideas and thoughts to share, the point of the festival was about a deep analysis in economic crisis using the words of poets. This festival in LSE brings together local, regional, national, and international people of traditional forms, free verse, haiku, slam, experimental, and more. It’s really a whirlwind adventure of poetry from a perspective of an anthropologist.”   Marie Winston, Journalist of  “Radical Times in Poetry”