Three women in Arizona plan a series of murders after a sex orgy their husbands have arranged over the Internet. A jailed underage maid recounts the crime she committed on a millionaire's yacht in Johannesburg. She reveals a network of child rape by prominent members of society. An actress, victim of an attempted rape by her director, kills him and escapes to abandoned theaters in New York, living with the ghosts of theatrical heroes. A writer in Thailand meets a ladyboy involved in a gruesome death case. Meeting her inspires her to write a terrifying story, which raises more questions than answers.

Women, girls, transgender people facing relations of dominance. Sex triggers an explosion of amorous pleasure. Some people share the pleasure, break moral restrictions and inhibitions, offer sensual moments to their partners. Some others seize pleasure for themselves, exploit power, money, social inequality, produce trauma and hell for others.

This book is a violent exit from patriarchy, a revenge for trauma, a counterattack of repressed dignity.

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